I was admitted to candidacy during the Fall 2014 semester and successfully defended my dissertation during the Fall 2015 semester. From start to finish, I completed my dissertation is nine months.

The broad topic I wanted to explore was online education, specifically online programs at the doctoral level. A review of the literature provided a path to understanding how a researcher could quantitatively asses one piece of doctoral programs by investigating the dissertations produced. Using widely accepted bibliometric techniques, I carved out a new method for quantitative analysis.

Within my dissertation, you will discover why this new method is promising, how dissertations can accurately depict the overall strength of doctoral programs, and a step-by-step account for conducting dissertation assessments. You might also be interested in my findings about the current state of Education Leadership doctoral programs in the United States.

Dissertation Title: The quality of education leadership doctoral dissertations in the United States: An empirical review

ProQuest UMI: 3742189

Available through Marshall Digital Scholar

Dissertation Abstract