Doctoral Portfolio

The doctoral portfolio is the gateway to candidacy at Marshall University. In addition to coursework, students are required to complete a minimum of three professional/academic and scholarship activities prior to being admitted to candidacy. Upon completion of the coursework and the portfolio activities, students are required to defend their portfolio. This defense if formal and open to the public, much like a traditional dissertation defense. A student will only be admitted to candidacy once the student’s committee agrees that the portfolio has been successfully defended.

My doctoral portfolio is comprised of scholarship, professional/academic, and other minor experiences.  For the scholarship portion, I assisted with a West Virginia study and presented the findings at the 2013 SRCEA conference.  The manuscript from this study was submitted to the SRCEA Journal for publication.  The professional/academic portion of my portfolio consists of my tenure as chairperson of the 2013 Doctoral Faculty/Student Seminar Committee and the co-teaching of the educational foundations 517 course.

In addition to the major portfolio pieces, I also had the opportunity to complete minor projects that consisted of redesigning the doctoral website, redesigning the Leadership Studies PEG site, and creating a module for an online professional development course.

These experiences, combined with extensive coursework, helped to prepare me to take the next step on my doctoral journey.


Portfolio Paper/Presentation

Portfolio Paper

Portfolio Presentation



SRCEA 2013

SRCEA 2013 Proposal

SRCEA 2013 Program

SRCEA 2013 Proposal Acceptance

WV School Takeover Manuscript

SRCEA 2014

SRCEA 2014 Proposal


SRCEA 2014 Proposal Acceptance

Ed.D. and Ph.D. Programs Manuscript



2013 Doctoral Student/Faculty Seminar Website

2013 Doctoral Student/Faculty Seminar Program Booklet

Co-teaching:  EDF 517

Co-teaching:  EDF 517 Rubric


Other Pieces

Redesigned Doctoral Website

Redesigned PEG Site

Introduction to Multimedia Module

LS 532 Course Redesign

LS 532 Syllabus

Hanna Ocean Painting